Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Baby's First Bite

One of the things that I have been most excited about since finding out I was pregnant is making baby food/kid friendly meals! Its like a whole new world and I am fully embracing it!

Lincoln just started eating purees so the recipes are a little boring at this point since we are currently giving her mostly just green and orange veggies. I decided to add in apples in this puree and she is loving it!

Purees can be messy but I know that someday I am going to miss this mess so for now I am taking deep breaths and enjoying every bubble that she blows with a mouth full of carrots! Here are some items that we are currently loving for baby food making and dinner time.

I am loving these tiny ball jars for baby food! They are great for spices and organizing small trinkets too!

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This silicone bib was just too cute, we had to have it. Plus it is the easiest bib I have found to clean so far and the food does not stain it!

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This Bumbo seat is saving our lives. It is small enough to store out of sight when we aren't using it and is perfect for sitting on top of the table or counter top! The tray keeps the mess from getting all over!

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For more items that we have been loving click here!  I've seriously got you covered!

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