Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Instagram Live Tips and Tricks

Does anyone else kinda want to throw up a little when they think about doing an Instagram Live? I know I can't be the only one... for whatever reason it makes me so nervous but guess what, I did it! Twice now actually! And it wasn't that bad!

I want to share with you some of the things that I have learned so that it seems a little less scary to us all!

Pick your topic! And pick something relevant to your audience. Pay attention to your recent posts that are getting the most attention and that will give you a hint as to what people want to see more of!

Once you have picked your topic then you can pick a date. Find a day where you are not going to be stressed or overwhelmed. Don't do it right before you have to be somewhere. Give yourself plenty of time because we all know shit happens and the worst thing you can do is feel rushed.

Gather your props as necessary. Like I said I have done two lives now and each one featured multiple products. Pick your back ground. I recommend something light and basic. You dont want something with a crazy pattern that is going to take away from the products you are featuring and bright colors don't always show up well in a video.

Pick your spot. You want it to be well lit! It is very important that things a visually pleasing! This one is hard for me because the light in my house is terrible! But I figured it out. In my last live I was featuring Christmas Gifts so I surrounded my products with cute twinkle lights! It brightened things up and added to the ambiance. Its all about the little details!

Plan it out! I literally take notes. Take this tip with a grain of salt. This can be really beneficial for some but for others it can be distracting. I write out all of the info that I want to cover and then I practice out loud a few times. Then I condense my notes to bullet points that I can keep next to me during the Instagram live. The bullet points just remind me of the things that I don't want to forget to mention. Then I do a run through and record it. I watch it back just to be sure that everything looks ok! Again, this is not necessary if you are comfortable with winging it!

Promote it ahead of time. I typically do a post that morning teasing my live. Then I will post a couple of stories throughout the day as well. Some people watch stories more than they look at posts now so you want to make sure you are capturing as many people as possible.

You are going to want people to comment on your live because the more comments you get the more people will end up seeing it do to the algorithm. I have found that a good way to get comments is to ask questions during your live. I typically have music playing in the background and I will ask "is the music ok?" "Leave a thumbs up if it is good". Getting people to engage is really the goal here.

Speaking of engagement, one of the best ways that I have found to get people involved is a giveaway. Ask people to comment on your live or your last post in order to win!

I would also recommend shouting out a couple of your previous posts/other products in your live. It never hurts to give yourself a shameless plug! For example in my last live I was sharing one of my favorite mascaras so I told people to go check out my post on sneaky mascara tips! (see what I did there) ;)

Here's a recap-

Instagram Live Break Down:

  • Pick your topic
  • Pick your date
  • Gather your props
  • Pick a spot
  • Make notes
  • Do a run through
  • Promote it!
  • Ask questions
  • Do a giveaway
  • Plug other posts/products

Now get to planning and let me know when your live is! I want to engage!

xx, Prosecco and Projects

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