Sunday, December 3, 2017

DIY Cotton Ball Garland

Raise your hand if you are a complete psycho and have to have everything about your Christmas tree match perfectly!? If I raise my hand any higher I might dislocate my shoulder! I am a freak... like to the point that I want to tell guest what my theme is so that they can wrap all gifts accordingly if they bring them over! But I wont because that's just taking it too far... right?!

I am obsessed with an all white theme for my tree! It is just so bright and pretty! But finding garland for it was a challenge! I wanted something plush and soft. I was thinking of maybe a faux fur but my tree skirt is faux fur so that would be a bit much! I finally was just like "forget it! I am making my own" and landed on cotton balls!

Call me crazy, I mean if the shoe fits! I was a bit skeptical too at first but this garland is giving me life! It adds the perfect texture that was needed in this theme! And it pairs perfectly with my little bunny ornaments!

Cotton Ball Garland-

Cotton Balls (A ton of them) 
Large Needle
Nylon Thread

String the needle with nylon thread and press the threaded needle through the middle of the cotton ball. Continue this process until your desired length is fulfilled! It takes a bit to get the hang of it but once you do you will be on a roll. Plus, its cute if they aren't perfect! I used about 400 cotton balls and have a 6 foot tree. I really could have done more! 

xx, Prosecco and Projects


  1. I love unique craft ideas for Christmas decor! This is perfect, and so simple ��

  2. Next Christmas, I will definitely be doing this! I always wondered how to get the most effective faux snow look. Your blog definitely answered my curiosity!

    1. Yay! I am glad you like it! It is super simple and very inexpensive!

  3. It feels so vintage and cozy to me! Love this DIY

  4. I love this! So easy and yet beautiful on the tree! Looks like snow!

    XO -

  5. Thank you! I am loving the faux snow look too!