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PR Tips and Free Consultation Giveaway Ft. Hearsay Public Relations

Are you an entrepreneur, small business, or dreamer looking for little gems of advice that will really point you in the right direction? Look no further! Karen from Hearsay PR is your new BFF! She is full of no BS advice that will change your outlook on traditional PR tips/tricks!

Karen gave me permission to stop caring about how many followers and likes I was getting! This may not seem like some huge feat to you but an enormous weight was lifted off of my shoulders when she just said it like it is... of course we all want more followers and engagement but you get there by putting in the hard work and focusing on the followers that you already have! Genius! And guess what.. it works!

She is full of tips like this that will give you that light bulb moment! Here are a few questions I had for her-

Q: What is your number one piece of advice for influencers looking to reach out to brands to collaborate?

A: Do your research and then get your shit together. First, study what the brands you are going after typically do to partner with influencers. Understand what kind of results they’re getting with these collabs. Then, brainstorm new ways to approach these brands. However, before you approach them, have at least a one-page media kit of who you are, what you offer, your reach, and any other key metrics or factors you feel are important to promote your brand. Need a template? Fohr Card offers a great one for free.

Q: What is your number one piece of advice for brands looking to reach out to influencers to collaborate?

A:  Know what your goals are. Obviously, all brands want to see more sales happen; however, to be successful, a brand should be more specific. You know that saying where if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one? It applies here. Know exactly which audience via influencers you’re trying to reach, specifically what action you want the influencer and their audience to take, how you are going to measure success or traction, and what your true goal to success is.

Q: You are always juggling multiple projects...Do you have any multitasking tips?

A: Plan on never sleeping. I’m totally kidding. My multitasking tips are this:
·      Have an organized and realistic plan.
·      Stick to your plan. Not anyone else’s.
·      Be realistic with yourself about what is important to you.
·      Make everyone around you aware of your goals, dreams, and plans.

My entire schedule is planned. Not in the oh-no-crisis-mode, something-came-up-and-ruined-the-day kind of way—because that happens constantly in business. More in a my To Do lists and calendars are color-coordinated type of way.

Each of my businesses has a 12-month schedule for goals, promotions, launches. This schedule is a fluid plan for what we are promoting and pitching and when we are doing it. Down to next Thursday’s social media post. It keeps us all on track. It also eliminates any panic or stress around not knowing what to do and feeling that uncomfortable sense of being overwhelmed.

But, I’m not a robot. Sure, I schedule workouts around meetings—because my health is important to me and I’m training for a marathon. I also block off huge chunks of time for friends, family, my wonderful husband, sneaking off to a movie during a work day, and reading (both for pleasure and business).

I’m spontaneous and things get shifted all the time. However, to avoid being distracted by too many shiny objects, if spontaneity gets in the way of my overall goals or doesn’t help my businesses, it doesn’t get to happen.

At the end of the day, I’m chasing my dreams. Nothing is more important to me than that. My inner circle and loved ones are aware of that. The people who are met to be by my side understand that and are supportive.

Q: What do you think is the best way for a brand/business to get noticed?

A: I think any brand or business that wants to get noticed, needs to sit down and compile their PR vision board. Knowing what your PR goals are, where you want to appear, and what you want your brand to be is key to your success.

From there, I’d recommend they turn that vision board into a strategic PR plan. Your PR plan will help you flesh out your target audience, goals, tactics, key messages, and a pitch or two. I have a helpful template, available here for free, that can help guide those interested through formatting and structure.

After that is put together, I’d say organizing a targeted media list is a logical next step. To do so, make a complete list of the media outlets—including newspapers, blogs, websites, and TV and radio stations—you want to target. Identify the specific reporter or producer who covers your area so you can be sure you are pitching your ideas to the appropriate person. Then contact them directly.

Then, sign up for HARO (Help a Reporter Out), which provides you with real-time media opportunities up to three times daily, straight from journalists on a deadline who need a source. You can filter opportunities by industry and start submitting your info immediately wherever it is relevant. For example, a reporter from Health is looking for a source to share their personal stories about what it is really like to live with multiple sclerosis. Your personal struggle, and how it impacts your life as an entrepreneur, might be just what they need to finish their article. While an excellent resource, there is a right and wrong way to HARO. You have to be prepared and quick to respond to inquiries to be considered. I recommend reading this HARO tip sheet from Cision before hitting send on any opportunity.

I also have an amazing eBook, titled The Buzz, which walks you through 10 easy steps towards a PR plan. And, a do-it-yourself guided It Girl PR package that will result in a strategic 12-month PR and promotions plan and more.

Q: What are your thoughts on sponsored posts? Is it worth the money?

A:  I think you need to examine each and every promotional opportunity, both as an influencer and a brand, on a case-by-case basis to see whether or not the return on investment is there for you. And, you’ll only know that if you have realistically set your goals.

I’d encourage everyone to set clear and measurable goals first, and then search out opportunities.

See I told you! Shes a PR goddess! Want more?... well she is giving away a personalized 15 minute consultation! She will take a look at your blog/business and provide you with tips and tricks personalized to you! All you have to do to enter is go leave her a question on my Instagram post featuring her E-book.

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  1. I especially love her answer to the multitasking question. I feel like a lot of women have that challenge and her approach sounds effective and healthy.

    1. I agree! She has the best advice and I love how she just keeps it real. No BS!

    2. I agree! She has the best advice and I love how she just keeps it real. No BS!

  2. What a great post! These are questions I have often wondered myself. Thanks for sharing...I'll be referring back to this!

    1. Thanks for the response! I am glad that it was helpful!

    2. Thanks for the response! I am glad that it was helpful!