Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Four Healthy Holiday Tips

We have all been there! The holidays are filled with indulgence.... but usually we end up paying for it! I have 100% experienced the "turkey coma" and the "sugar hangover" the next day. I am here to help you navigate these days of stuffing your face and make sure you don't feel like crap after. Note- this is not a post telling you not to partake in the festivities. I am here to help you prep for just that!

Take a probiotic! First thing in the morning pop one of these babies in your mouth! It will do wonders for your digestion and help your stomach not feel upset! Really you should be doing this every day! Here is the brand that I like.

Drink a ton of water! From the time you wake up make sure you are drinking a bunch of water throughout the day! I'm not saying don't drink your wine or fall sangria but just make sure to drink lots of water in addition to it! Staying hydrated is key to making sure you aren't hungover the next day. Start off your day with some hot water, lemon juice, and a chunk of fresh ginger!

Pick your poison! Don't eat all of the rich, creamy and sugary foods! Pick a couple of your favorites and indulge on those. For me it's all about the bread and potatoes! I could care less about the pie and casseroles. I try really hard to pick the foods that are worth it to me. So yes I am going to have a huge spoonful of the mashed potatoes and I will probably even dip my bread in them, but maybe just one bite of pie. BALANCE! Or make a healthy alternative like my Hassleback Apple recipe. And remember to fill up on veggies. Add some raw veggies from the appetizer tray to your plate or make sure that you signed up to bring a big salad. You will be less likely to gorge yourself with Jell-O salad if you are feeling full from your yummy fall salad!

Move after dinner! There is nothing worse than feel overly full and just plopping down on the couch for the night... get moving. I know that some families love football and go out to play a quick game. For me I love going on a walk around the neighborhood. I love the feeling of the crisp air and beauty of the leaves falling from the trees. Make it a tradition and bring the whole family!

I promise if you follow these tips you will not end up feeling like a stuffed butterball!

xx, Prosecco and Projects

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