Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cure Your Sugar Hangover

Well its safe to say that we all probably consumed a whole months worth of sugar yesterday! If not then congrats to you on being perfect. However, I am over here feeling dehydrated and sluggish. Luckily I know how to navigate this sugar hangover so that I don't feel this way for a week.

Hydrate- It is very important to stay hydrated and really flush all of that sugar out of your system. There is nothing worse than being bloated, having an upset stomach and feeling shaky from too much sugar and dehydration. So drink up! Specifically drink a glass of water in the morning with half of a lemon squeezed in it!

Take a Probiotic- Really you should be doing this everyday but today especially. You want to boost up the good bacteria in your stomach so that it can fight off the 16 peanut butter cups from yesterday! I take Garden of Life Raw Probiotics.

Eat your greens- Make sure that you are making good choices today. Have lots of leafy greens with protein on top for lunch or maybe even a green juice. And for the love, forget about yesterday. Don't hold onto it. Yeah you had a couple of treats but today is new day ready for better choices to be made.

Get Your Beauty Sleep- Go to bed early tonight and let your body rest. It is likely that you are feeling sluggish anyway because your body and mind are doing double time to compensate for the over abundant sugar consumption. So give it a break. Your body does its best work when you are sleeping!

Xx, Prosecco and Projects

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