Thursday, August 3, 2017

Collagen aka Miracle Powder

Collagen is better than Botox! Trust me.. it is life changing! I am currently doing a 60 day collagen challenge and I will probably never stop! It is that amazing! I have gotten so many questions from you guys about the benefits, taste, brand etc. I decided that I would put all of my answers in one place! Here you go... 

Let's start by discussing "what is collagen"? It is a fibrous protein present in living cells. Ok, I know that sounds a little weird when its put that way but hear me out because the benefits are unbelievable. 

Some of the benefits I have noticed in my 60 days- 

My skin is glowing! Like really dewy and plump... people have noticed and complimented! 

My hair and nails are growing like crazy. I'm loving this benefit other than the fact that I feel like I need to increase my hair and nail appointment frequency. Oh well, that's a small (ish) price to pay! 

Prepare yourself for TMI- we are gonna get real here! My digestion is on point. You could say I am REGULAR! Like real regular. It happens every day at the exact same time. Thank you collagen! 

Other benefits include- 

They support balanced hormones **I must add that I didn't know this was one of the benefits until doing some research before this post but I have to say that I am feeling more balanced. I am a very emotional person. Especially right before "that time of the month"... like I cry over a cute dog food commercial emotional. But guess what, I didn't cry one time before I started this month and I felt more stable. I think my bf did too!**

Supports bone and joint health

Supports weight loss

Aids in sleep

Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Need I go on? 

I always have people ask me what it tastes like. The answer is NOTHING. OK, maybe not nothing but if you mix it with the right things you can't taste it at all! I mixed it with plain H2O once and it wasn't my fave. Not terrible but the aftertaste was a little odd. I mix it with coffee everyday! Or yogurt, soups, smoothies, and I even bake with it. See my Coconut Collagen Macaroons

**Tip- if you want to add it to your iced coffee then mix it with the hot espresso, don't try to mix it in with the ice. It won't combine well!**

My favorite brand is Vital Proteins! But I will keep trying different ones and give you the recommendations. There is a coconut vanilla flavor that I want to try next! Stay tuned! 

I will continue to keep you guys posted on my collagen journey! Let me know if you try it and what you think! 

xx, Prosecco and Projects

P.S. Huge S/O to my fellow collagen lover The Nutrition Addiction. She held the 60 day challenge and is always sharing her collagen tips and tricks. Go check her out! 


  1. Yay! Thank you for this! I can't wait to try it out!

  2. I love my collagen!! So good! What's that macaroon recipe?!

    1. It's my Coconut Collagen Macaroon recipe! Check it out!

    2. It's my Coconut Collagen Macaroon recipe! Check it out!

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