Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Skincare Q&A w/ Kelly Gambino

I am so excited to introduce you guys to the babe of all babes! Kelly Gambino of Melted Brow Bar & Skincare , is a friend of mine and skincare guru! I would seriously trust anything she said if I thought it would make my skin glow like hers! This girl knows her stuff and that is why I knew I had to borrow some of her knowledge and share!


What are you top 3 skin care tips? 

The main things I ALWAYS recommend is to just cleanse at night and not in the morning. Your skin needs those natural oils, so over cleansing can strip your skin. Exfoliate 2x a week with a good scrub that IS NOT meant to be used everyday. And Moisturize as often as needed (Even if you have oily skin). And get a treatment such as chemical peel, facial, or Microderm once a month for a deep cleansing!

What is the number one skincare mistake that people make?

I get people who say their skin is super oily so they don't moisturize which in turn their skin is overcompensating oil because of the lack of moisture they put on their skin. And most people with really dry skin don't exfoliate so they're skin has created a barrier of dead skin which isn't allowing any moisture to get in.

What is the secret to a thick and full brow?

Throw away the tweezers! Haha!
Castor oil works wonders on growing Brows, and a good Brow Tint and Wax 😉

What is the number one skin care product you are obsessed with right now?

Definitely Rhonda Allisons Brightening Scrub. I talk a lot about scrubs, but they're really the key to glowing skin!

How often should people be getting a facial?

Once of month!

What are some at home skin care tips that everyone should be doing?

 Like I said earlier, Cleanse nightly, scrub 2x a week, and moisturize!

What is the best at home brow tint?

Honestly, I don't know any. I would be very cautious of using any. Leave it to the pros! It's inexpensive and only needs to be done once a month!

What are your thoughts on putting coconut oil on your face?

 I love coconut oil, I love coconut anything! Haha. I've used it on my face and broke out, but I have clients who use it as their moisturizer and absolutely love it! It doesn't hurt to try, everyone's skin reacts differently.

What are your thoughts on microblading?

It's the new hot thing and it can be amazing if you really do your research on who to go to! The good thing about it is it isn't permanent. It lasts a few years which is good because brow shape trends are always changing!

For all of the best brow and skin care inspo go follow @meltedbrowbar on Instagram and if you live any where near Albuquerque, New Mexico call Kelly and make an appointment!

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