Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gift Giving 101

I love giving gifts! Like it is one of my favorite things to do... I make mental notes all year long and save lists of ideas for the people that I want to give gifts to! I hear "you are so good at giving gifts" a lot and so I thought it would be fun to share my tips and tricks with you guys!

First of all I keep amazon lists and secret Pinterest boards labeled with peoples names and I save items to them as they pop up. Then when someones B-day arrives you just pull up your board or list and you are all set to go! Pay attention to little comments that people make. If they compliment you on something make a mental note and pick up that item to gift to them! For example if someone compliments my nail color I will be sure to pick it up for them the next time I am out and about!

It is all about the details for me. Presentation is everything. I always make sure that gifts are wrapped in cute paper or bag with ribbon and a bow! Again, I plan ahead and pick up cute paper all of the time. For example, I have a friend that loves flamingos... while I was at TJ Maxx the other day they had the cutest flamingo paper so I picked it up and will save it until the next time that I give her a gift. Make it personal! It's the details that people remember most.

Another fun thing that I do is I like to add a mini bottle of champagne with a cute paper straw tied to the side as a little addition. Nothing says CELEBRATION like a bottle of champagne!

One last tip.. I always put confetti inside of my cards. Then when they open them its like a little party! The confetti drops out and is a total surprise! I have never had someone open their card and not smile when the confetti falls out. Make sure the note inside of the card is heart felt not generic. Words mean more than materialistic items so this is what really counts!

Now go make your lists and start gifting! Don't forget to stock up on mini champagne bottles and confetti!

xx, Prosecco and Projects


  1. How adorable are those mini champagne bottles?! Even cuter with the straws! I love this! The confetti tip is super cute too! x Shannon ||

  2. Those mini champ bottles are too cute! Great ideas!

    Emma | Seeking the South