Saturday, June 10, 2017


Its national Rosé day!! Who even knew this was a thing. Isn't everyday National Rosé day?? Just kidding... but what a fun excuse for us to make this sassy Frozé recipe! It is such a fun twist on the already deish glass of Rosé! I have a feeling we will be making this all summer! 

This recipe is super simple and just spices things up a bit. I made the basic recipe to start out with but my mind is going crazy with tons of fun add ins! Many more Frozé recipes to come! 

All you do is freeze your Rosé in ice cube trays over night. Then toss them in the blender and add a splash of the leftover Rosé. Blend it up and tada! Frozé! How can something this cute be that simple? Let me know if you babes have any fun mix in ideas! I would love to try them! 

I am totally obsessed with these Rosé ice cubes too! They kinda of look like rose quartz... so chic! I will for sure be keeping some of these in my freezer at all times to toss into my glass of Rosé to keep it cold! 

Drink Frozé all day!

xx, Prosecco and Projects

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  1. Frozay is 100% on my agenda this weekend!! I am way overdue in making this. I LOVE the glasses you used too! x Shannon ||